18+ paintball



Package Alpha

You pay an extra 5 euros for renting overalls
Playing time can be extended if additional bullets are purchased

Package Bravo

Package Charlie

Package Delta

Combi package (min 8p)

Lumberjack duration: 2.5 hours
Paintball duration: 2.5 hours
Minimum 10 players
Paintball playing time can be extended if additional bullets are purchased

Welcome to Adventure Paradise in Sevenum!

18+ paintball

We offer various Paintball packages. Do you want to play for max. 2 hours? Then we recommend booking the Alpha package. Would you like to stay a little longer or even a whole day? Then choose the other packages. You don't have time pressure and you can take a break in between to have a drink on our terrace or eat something from our snack bar inside or end your outing with an extensive BBQ in nature.

What does a day of paintball look like?
You will be kindly welcomed by our staff! Then you get your equipment, you are guided by a referee to your seat where you can put the stuff down, safety is our top priority, so there will be an explanation of the safety rules, and then it's time, you can start to fight each other fill it up with paint!


Our ganes

Elimination Game

Two teams are created. It is necessary to beat the opponent with good cooperation. If you are hit and you have a paint spot anywhere on your body, you must leave the field and you are 'dead'.

Capture the flag with one flag
Two teams are created. We place a flag in the middle of the field. The goal is to place that flag in the starting point of your opponent. Once you've been hit and you have a paint mark on your body, aim your marker at the sky, run back to your starting point as fast as you can and start again, until someone has placed the flag in the opponent's starting point. Total playing time is 15 minutes. So it is very important to devise and implement a good strategy as a team first. A very good team building game.
Capture the flag with two flags
Two teams are created. Each team has a flag in their starting bunker. You have to protect your flag and you have to take the flag from your opponents. If you are hit and you have a paint mark on your body, you are out. So the more opponents you eliminate, the easier it becomes to capture the opponent's flag. The playing time is a maximum of 15 minutes. A very good game to get to know your teammates.
Save the barrel

Two teams are made and a large iron (oil) barrel is placed in the middle. Together with your team you have to get the barrel to the other side of the field. If you are hit and you have a paint mark on your body, you must leave the field. The game ends when one of the team gets the keg on the other side of the field. Playing time: max. 15 minutes.

Death match
You play an elimination game, where you can't be "hit" unless you run out of bullets. Only then can you be hit. This is a game where you can get good revenge. You can finally take back the one that has been hitting you all along.
Bunny run
One person (usually a bachelor) puts on a hare suit. All the other players will scatter in the field. As soon as the game starts, you have to stay in the same place and “the hare” has to run from one side of the field to the other and back again. Everyone is free to shoot the hare and the hare cannot “die”.