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Sup air 

Welcome to Adventure Paradise in Sevenum!

Sup air

Sup′air is a variation on normal paintball and takes the game out of the woods. At Adventure Paradise we have 2 NXL sized artificial grass pitches that are fenced with 4m high netting. In this arena there are inflatable bunkers behind which you can hide. The arrangement (layout) of these fields changes from time to time, so that new training variants and positions are created here. Which can then be trained for competitions. Supair is a very fast paintball variant compared to what you may be used to from Woods paintball.

You will find videos of our field on Instagram, Facebook and our YouTube channel. We are organizing 3 competitions at Adventure Paradise this year, the European Paintball League, the Deutsche Paintball Liga and the NXL.

Are you interested in wanting to train with us for a day? That's possible! Feel free to contact us via whatsapp 06-14517098 and we will call you back for an appointment.

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